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Cosmetic Fillings and Inlays

White Fillings and Inlays are relatively new solutions to the problem of filling cavities or 'holes' in the teeth caused by decay. They are superseding Amalgam (silver coloured mercury) fillings which have been around for about 150 years. Cosmetically it makes more sense to use a tooth-coloured substance to fill holes, rather than unsightly Amalgam fillings which can spoil an otherwise attractive smile.

Method :
White Fillings: Decay or old Amalgam is removed, the cavity is shaped and then filled with a tooth-coloured paste or a composite filling material. The composite is then cured in the tooth with a special light. The procedure is usually completed in one appointment. Large and deep cavities may require a 'Laminate Filling' which involves the use of two different tooth coloured materials used to restore the same cavity.

Inlays: Inlays are made in the laboratory. They can be made of either Porcelain or Composite or Gold. They are the ‘state of art’ way to fill cavities in the teeth. As before, the decay is removed and an impression taken of the tooth which is then used to create a plaster cast on which the inlay is modelled in detail and custom made to exact specifications. The result is an inlay which precisely fits the cavity to resemble a natural tooth.

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