Latest Practice Opening Protocol during Coronavirus Pandemic

Latest Practice Opening Protocol during Coronavirus Pandemic

In keeping with the latest guidance from the CDO (Chief Dental Officer), Chelsea Road Dental Practice will open from 8th of June, 2020.

Appointments will only be offered from 8th of June. Appointments cannot be made before this date.

NHS guidance in relation to opening of Dental Practices is strict and Dental Practices have been asked to provide ONLY Emergency treatment at this time and all routine Dental procedures are currently suspended.

We have sourced appropriate PPE and devised an elaborate cross-infection control protocol to keep our staff and patients safe.

NHS guidelines have also stipulated increased time for complete disinfection of surgeries between appointments. This means that we will only be able to see a limited number of patients each day.

We are doing our utmost to provide treatment in a safe manner and request the understanding and support of all our patients during this time and have developed a 'patient journey' protocol to ensure smooth and safe running of the practice.

Your Journey

Please call the practice only if you have a Dental emergency (pain and/ or swelling).

A Medical History will be taken by the staff on the phone and your Dental emergency will be triaged over the phone by a dentist to assess severity.

If your symptoms warrant a visit to the practice you will be offered an appointment.

If you are exempt from paying NHS charges, please provide the details of your exemption to the reception and bring the proof of exemption with you.

NHS Fee paying patients will be asked to make the payment before they arrive for their appointment. This is to minimise contact and time spent at the practice. The NHS fee for an urgent appointment is £22.70.

Please wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before you start from your home. Practice toilet facilities are closed to minimise contact.

Only the patient will be admitted to the practice, unaccompanied. If the patient is a child he/ she can be accompanied by one parent/ guardian.

Patients should arrive without any bags or other articles with them.

On reaching the practice, please phone the practice to announce your arrival.

A member of staff will open the door and admit you, keeping a safe distance

You will be asked to take a seat in the waiting room.

A member of staff will take your temperature.

If your temperature is 37.8C or higher you will be requested to return home and self-isolate for 7 days and your money will be refunded.

If your temperature is below 37.8C you will be provided with hand sanitiser.

You will then be escorted to the surgery where you will be provided with an anti-microbial mouthwash after which the dentist will attend to your immediate problem.

Please note that the current NHS guidance does NOT allow us to carry out any Dental procedure that involves the production of aerosols (a fine mist of air and water droplets). This means that we cannot use our usual ‘drills’ or air/ water spray and we cannot offer permanent Fillings and Root Canal Treatments.

If at any time you need to cough and sneeze, please put your hand up and you will be given a tissue which will then be disposed of immediately (Catch it, bin it, kill it).

After your appointment you will be given the appropriate instructions by the staff.

‘Take home’ points of this protocol

Call us ONLY if you have a Dental Emergency. Practice is open but it's not 'business as usual'.

Telephone lines may be busy as we are dealing with an increased number of calls so we request your understanding and support.

Appointments can only be made after 8th of June.

No treatments involving a Dental ‘drill’ or water/ air spray is currently allowed by NHS England. So permanent Fillings and Root Canal Treatments are not offered.

We are doing our utmost to provide emergency Dental services in a safe manner. Please follow all steps in this protocol to minimise risk.

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  • Chelsea Road Dental Practice is NHS providing dentistry in Newbridge and Weston area of Bath. At Chelsea Road we take great pride in the services we offer to our patients and from the moment you walk through the door, our staff will do their very best to make you feel welcome and at ease.
    The cornerstone of modern Dentistry is Prevention, from the youngest child through to all stages of life. Caring for our patient's Dental health is not just a question of treating problems as they arise. By careful and regular monitoring of your teeth and gums, with diet counselling and preventative advice, we can stop the problems occurring in the first place.
    We also provide highly complex Dental Treatments ranging from Smile Enhancing Procedures to Orthodontics on to Implants. When any treatment is planned, it is discussed in a simple, easy to understand manner and with the help of diagrams, illustrations and pictures we make sure that all aspects of the treatment are clearly understood at the outset.
    Chelsea Road Dental is a progressive practice providing a quality service in a welcoming atmosphere, supported by a highly trained and motivated team. For us, your comfort and long lasting Dental Health is of paramount importance.

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