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Cosmetic crowns

A Crown is a custom made restoration made to completely cover a specially prepared tooth

Crowns are made of the following materials:

  • » Gold Alloy Crowns- for posterior teeth only
  • » Tooth coloured crowns with Porcelain on the outside (for esthetics) and metall alloy on the inside (for strength)
  • » Metal free tooth coloured crowns with Porcelain on the outside and a Zirconia core for strength for excellent esthetics
  • » A tooth coloured Monolithic Zirconia crown without Porcelain- for back teeth only

A Crown is indicated to restore teeth in the following situations:

  • » for a heavily decayed tooth with little tooth structure remaining
  • » when a filling breaks from a heavily restored tooth and there is 'more filling than tooth' remaining
  • » when a large part of a tooth fractures
  • » after Root Canal Treatment of a tooth
  • » after Post and Core treatment of a tooth
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