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Root Canal Treatments

Root canal treatment (RCT) is a technique used when the internal part of the tooth, the pulp, has been irreversibly damaged or infected. The normal cause of this is bacterial invasion of the pulp due to decay or trauma. When this occurs the pulp which is the blood and nerve supply of the tooth, becomes infected and the long-term health of the tooth is compromised. This often results in a dental abscess which can be very painful and may cause swelling in the mouth and face. At Chelsea Road Dental we use contemporary techniques and modern instrumentation to treat this often distressing condition. Powerful magnification is used to visualise the interior of the canals.
Root canal treatment is the systematic cleaning, shaping and filling of the pulp space enabling the tooth to be saved and remain useful in the mouth. Once root canal therapy is completed the tooth is restored. Often this is with a tooth coloured composite resin. Most often it may require a crown due to the remaining tooth structure being weak.

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